Emotions and Politics

Although emotions have always been present in politics, political science, particularly its mainstream, has not shown interest in the issue; it has rather ignored them as pathologies of politics. The present project is part of the recent efforts in sociology and political science, which have approached emotions from a different angle, giving them the weight they deserve. Our goal is to rethink political theory and carry out empirical research on emotions. So far three papers have been published by the participants: one is a literature review on the current research outside Hungary, and the other two are on the results of an empirical study on three political rallies in October 2013 in Budapest.

The empirical papers have English versions:

-        Kiss, Balázs and Gabriella Szabó Crowding and Feeling Political Communities: Successful and Failed Mass Demonstrations in Hungary 2013. In: Torres Eduardo Cintra, Mateus Samuel (eds.) From Multitude to Crowds: Collective Action and the Media. 23 p. Frankfurt am Main; New York; Berlin; Bern; Bruxelles; New York; Oxford; Wien: Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, 2015. pp. 223-246. (ISBN:978-3-631-66802-3)


-        Balazs Kiss ‘Identity Change in Ninety Minutes: The Cognitive, Evaluative and Emotional Dynamics of Identity Change at a Political Rally’ <link>