Election Pledges and Public Policy in Hungary, 1990-2014

Election Pledges and Public Policy in Hungary, 1990-2014

The main goal of the project is to measure and explain the degree to which parties in Hungary have made accountable campaign promises and fulfilled them since the transition to democracy in 1990. The research questions can be formulated as follows:

1. How informative are party campaigns for citizens? To what degree do parties make accountable pledges?

2. Do governments in Hungary act according to their electoral mandate? To what degree does public policy enact election pledges?

3. Which factors contribute to or impede the accountability of campaign pledges and their fulfillment?

A rigorous assessment of the democratic performance of parties and governments yields a response to the first two questions, which is actually a form of democratic audit of politics in Hungary between 1990 and 2014.

Principal investigator: Gábor Dobos


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