Research assistants


Bendegúz Plesz

Bendegúz Plesz received his BA degree in Political Science from Corvinus University of Budapest in 2019. He is currently studying Political Science MA at Corvinus University. Earlier he was an intern at the Political Capital think tank and at Medinán Research and Polling Institution. He reached 1st place in the Scientific Students’ Association Conference at Corvinus in 2019, researching the Economic Vote in Hungary. Bendegúz is interested in researching the relations of politicians and voters, manipulation and electoral behavior and he is contributing to the project The Returning of Weberian Leaders in the Institution. 

Krisztina Burai

Krisztina Burai is studying political science at Eötvös Loránd University, meanwhile, since 2017, she is working as an intern in the Political communication research project. She is mostly interested in political communication and political philosophy. In 2018, she finished in second place at the Scientific Students' Association conference, therefore had the chance to present her research paper entitled the Paradox of tolerance at the National Conference of Scientific Students' Associations.


Gergely Laki

Gergely Laki is a Ph.D. student at Corvinus University of Budapest and a political analyst at Hungarian think-tank Policy Solutions. After studying Public Affairs as a fellow at Sciences Po Paris, then receiving his MA in Political Science from Corvinus University of Budapest, he is now working on his dissertation on the Hungarian media system. Previously he gained experience in journalism at Brussels and in research at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Media-related issues, populism, as well as the impact of EU membership on Hungarian public policy, are in the focus of his works.

Tamás Málits

Tamás Málits received his BA degree in International Relations from Corvinus University of Budapest in 2018. Simultaneously, he also graduated in Politics and International Relations from Nottingham Trent University as part of a dual degree program. He is currently studying International Business Economics at Corvinus and will spend the autumn semester at McGill University in Montreal, Canada with a Campus Mundi scholarship. In summer 2019, Tamás is working at the Institute as a research assistant and in this role, he contributes to the project that explores Hungarian industrial policy through the example of the automotive sector. He reached 2nd place in the Europe section of the Scientific Students’ Association Conference in 2019, researching the connection between EU funding and Brexit. He is an active member of the College for Advanced Studies of Diplomacy in Practice at Corvinus and has been responsible for the internal course system in the previous academic year.