István Benedek

István Benedek
Download CV Junior Research Fellow (MTA TK PTI)
Research Interests

democratic theory, democratization, autocratization, populism

Selected Publications

Benedek István (2019): De-democratization in Hungary in the light of democracy indices. Politikatudományi Szemle, 2019 (2). (forthcoming)

Benedek István (2018): What a spring! A brief history and analysis of the new wave of mass protests in 2017. In: Antal Attila (eds.) Mozgalmi társadalom. Budapest, Noran Libro Kiadó, 279–312.

Benedek István (2017): Drifting Democracy. The Problems of Political Participation and Voting Behavior. Jel-Kép, 2017 (3), 17–35. DOI: 10.20520/JEL-KEP.2017.3.17

Work in Progress

Benedek István (2019): Greetings to the victorious? The spread of populism: a necessary turn, a temporary ‘Zeitgeist’ or an authoritarian threat?