András Bíró-Nagy

András Bíró-Nagy
Download CV Research Fellow (MTA TK PTI)
Research Interests

european integration, European Parliament, the Europeanization of the Hungarian public policy, parliamentary behaviour, populism and radicalism, Hungarian public policy and the European Union



Selected Publications

Bíró-Nagy, András [2017]: Illiberal democracy in Hungary. The social background and practical steps of building an illiberal state. In: Morillas, Pol (ed.): Illiberal democracies in the EU. The Visegrad Group and the risk of disintegration. CIDOB: Barcelona, p. 31-44.

Bíró-Nagy, András [2016]: Central European MEPs and their roles. Behavioral strategies in the European Parliament. In: World Political Science, 12(1), p. 147-174.

Bíró-Nagy, András [2016]: Central European MEPs as agents of two principals. Party cohesion in the European Parliament after Enlargement. In: European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities, 5(4), p. 46-56.

Bíró-Nagy, András – Boros, Tamás [2016]: Jobbik going mainstream. Strategy shift of the far-right in Hungary. In: Jamin, Jerome (ed.): L’extreme droite en Europe. Bruylant: Brüsszel, p. 243-263.

Bíró-Nagy, András [2013]: Hungary. In: De Waele J. M., Escalona F., Vieira M. (eds.): The Palgrave Handbook of Social Democracy in the European Union. Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke; New York, p. 452-469.

Bíró-Nagy, András – Boros, Tamás – Vasali, Zoltán [2013]:  More radical than the radicals. The Jobbik party in international comparison. In: Melzer, R. – Serafin, S. (eds.).: Right-wing Extremism in Europe. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Berlin, p. 229-253.

Bíró-Nagy, András – Róna, Dániel [2013]: Rational Radicalism. Jobbik’s Road to the Hungarian Parliament. In: Meseznikov, G. – Gyárfásova, O. – Bútorová, O. (eds.): Alternative Politics? The Rise of New Political Parties in Central Europe. Institute for Political Affairs: Pozsony, p. 149-184.