Zsolt Boda

Zsolt Boda
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General Director

Research Chair (MTA TK PTI)
Research Interests

Public policy, governance, institutional trust

Selected Publications
  • Boda, Zsolt -  V. Patkós: “Driven by politics: agenda setting and policy making in Hungary, 2010-2014”, Policy Studies, 2018, 39(4), 402-421. IF: 0.714.
  • Boda, Zsolt – G. Medve-Bálint: “How perceptions and personal contact matter: The individual-level determinants of trust in police in Hungary”, Policing and Society, 2017 27(7), 732-749. IF: 1,61
  • Boda, Zsolt – G. Medve-Bálint: “Procedural fairness and the legitimacy of laws in Hungary: an empirical analysis”, Sociologija, 2015, 57 (4) 662-683
  • Boda Zsolt – G. Szabó – A. Bartha – G. Medve-Bálint – Z. Vidra: “Politically driven. Mapping political and media discourses of penal populism – the Hungarian case”, East European Politics and Societies and Cultures, 2015 29 (4), 871-890. IF: 0,468
  • Medve-Bálint, Gergő – Z. Boda Zsolt: “The Poorer You Are, the More You Trust? The Effect of Inequality and Income on Institutional Trust in East-Central Europe.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 2014 vol. 50 (3): 419-454. IF: 0,563
  • Boda, Zsolt – G. Medve-Bálint: “Does Institutional Trust in East Central Europe Differ from Western Europe?” European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities, 2014 vol. 3 (2), 1-17.
  • Boda, Zsolt: “Homo Politicus - Towards a Theory of Political Action and Motivation”, World Political Science Review, 2013, 9 (1), 71-96.
  • Fekete, László – Z. Boda: “Knowledge, sustainability and corporate strategies in the European energy sector”, International Journal of Environmental Studies, 2012 69 (2), 2012, 360-377.
  • Boda, Zsolt – G. Szabó: “The media and attitudes towards crime and the justice system: a qualitative approach”, European Journal of Criminology, 8 (4), July 2011, pp. 329-342. IF: 1,305
Research Projects
  • 'DEMOS - Democratic efficacy and the varieties of populism in Europe', H2020 RIA project, 2018-2020. Principal investigator, Coordinator.

  • Policy Agendas Hungary’, project leader, funded by the National Research Fund, 2013-2017. Leading a team of 5 young researchers.
  • ‘FIDUCIA: New European crimes and trust based policies’, EU FP7 research project, 2012-2015. Hungarian team leader.
  • ‘Trust and the effectiveness of public policies in Hungary’, project leader, funded by the National Research Fund, 2012-2014. Leading a team of 3 young researchers.
  • ‘EUROJUSTIS: Indicators of trust in justice’ EU FP7 research project, 2008-2011. Hungarian team leader
  • ‘Global Environmental Regimes and the Hungarian Public Policy’, project leader, funded by the National Research Fund, 2004-2007. Leading a team of 3 young researchers.
  • ‘Social Policy and Private Sector Water Supply: the Case of Hungary’, research project of the UN Research Institute for Social Development, 2005-2006. Leader of the Hungarian team.


Work in Progress

Bartha Attila – Boda Zsolt: “Tax morale, political trust and constraints: the impact of corruption scandals on tax compliance motivations of Hungarian citizens”, under review