Balázs Kiss

Balázs Kiss
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (MTA TK PTI)
Research Interests

Political communication, emotions and politics, popular culture and political communication

Selected Publications

Identity Change in Ninety Minutes: The Emotional Dynamics of Leader-Follower Interactions at a Political Rally. COMUNICAZIONE POLITICA 2018 pp. 117-136. , 20 p. (2018) DOI: 10.3270/89740

With SZABÓ, Gabriella: Constructing Political Leadership during the 2015 European migration crisis: The Hungarian Case. CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION 11 : 1 pp. 9-24. , 15 p. (2018) DOI: 10.19095/1899-5101.11.1(20).1

With Szabó, Gabriella: Crowding and Feeling Political Communities: Successful and Failed Mass Demonstrations in Hungary 2013. In: Torres, Eduardo Cintra; Mateus, Samuel (szerk.) From Multitude to Crowds : Collective Action and the Media. Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, (2015) pp. 223-246. 24 p.

Cultural Paradigm contra Political Marketing or Two Answers to the Same Questions pp. 57-73. , 17 p.

In: Newman, Bruce; Theoharous, Antonis; Gouliamos, Kosta (szerk.) Political Marketing : Strategic 'Campaign Culture' Boston (MA) Routledge, (2013)