Rudolf Metz

Rudolf Metz
Download CV Research Fellow (MTA TK PTI)
Research Interests
  • Political Leadership
  • Democratic Theories
  • Political Movements
  • Political Parties
Selected Publications

Gábor Illés, András Körösényi, Rudolf Metz (2018): Broadening the limits of reconstructive leadership: Constructivist elements of Viktor Orbán’s regime-building politics. British Journal of Politics and International Relations 00:(00) pp. 1-19.

András Körösényi , Gábor Illés, Rudolf Metz (2016): Contingency and Political Action: The Role of Leadership in Endogenously Created Crises. Politics and Governance 4:(2) pp. 91-103.

Metz Rudolf (2015)Movement Entrepreneurship of an Incumbent Party.: The Story of the Hungarian Incumbent Party Fidesz and the Civil Cooperation Forum. Intersections: East European Journal of Society and Politics 1:(3) pp. 81-100.

Research Projects

Induvidial projects:

Interpretations and practices of political leadership in democracy (2013-)

Group projects:

Return of the Weberian leaders: Return of the Weberian leaders: plebiscitary leader democracy as a means of cognition for contemporary political trends (NKFIH project number: K 128139) (2018-2022)

Political leadership: theory and comparative research (work in research group) (2013-2018)