Zsófia Papp

Zsófia Papp
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (MTA TK PTI)
Research Interests

Personal and constituency representation, personal vote, electoral behaviour

Selected Publications

Papp Zsófia (forthcoming): Do Personalised Campaigns Hint at Legislator Activities? The (lacking) relationship between campaigns and legislator behaviour in Hungary. Parliamentary Affairs

Papp Zsófia (2018): Candidate Features and Candidate Selection Patterns in Hungary, 1994-2010International Journal of Sociology, Volt. 28., No. 1., 76-93. pp.

Papp Zsófia (2018) Same Species, Different Breed. The Conditional Effect of Legislator Activities in Parliament on Re-selection in a Mixed-Member Electoral SystemParliamentary Affairs, Online first, 31 January, 2018-06-20

Papp Zsófia - Federico Russo (2018) Parliamentary work, Re-selection and Re-election: In Search of the Accountability LinkParliamentary Affairs, Online first, 31 January, 2018

Papp Zsófia - Zorigt Burtejin (2018): Political Constraints and the Limited Effect of Electoral System Change on Personal Vote-Seeking in Hungary. East European Politics and Societies and Cultures, Volt. 32., No. 1., 119-141. pp.

Papp, Zsófia – Zorigt, Burtejin (2016) Party-directed personalization. The role of candidate selection in campaign personalization in Hungary. East European Politics, 32(4): 466-486.

Papp, Zsófia (2016) Shadowing the elected. Mixed-member incentives to locally oriented questioning. Journal of Legislative Studies, 22(2): 216-236

Papp, Zsófia (2015) Campaign-Personalization and Constituency Focus in a Mixed-Member Electoral System. The Case of Hungary. World Political Science, 11(1): 75–95

André, Audrey – Freire, André – Papp, Zsófia (2014) Electoral Rules and Legislators’ Personal Vote-Seeking. In: Sam Depauw – Kris Deschouwer (eds.)Representing the people. A survey among members of statewide and substate parliaments, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 87-109.

Róbert, Péter – Papp, Zsófia (2012) Kritikus választás? Pártos elkötelezettség és szavazói viselkedés a 2010-es országgyűlési választáson. In: Boda Zsolt - Körösényi András (eds.) Van irány? Trendek a magyar politikában, Budapest: Új Mandátum Kiadó, pp. 41-63.

Ilonszki, Gabriella – Papp, Zsófia (2012) The Paradoxes of Parliament-Citizen Connections. A Window on the Political System. Journal of Legislative Studies18(3-4): 334-350