Péter Róbert

Péter Róbert
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Research Interests

Social inequalities, educational transitions, social mobility, life course analysis

Public opinion research, political values and attitudes, perception of social inequalities, international comparative research

Selected Publications

Learning and Working: The Impact of the 'Double Status Position' on the Labour Market Entry Process of Graduates in CEE Countries (co-author: Ellu Saar). European Sociological Review 2012/6. 742-754.
Education and Labour Market Entry in Transition: The Case of Hungary (co-author: Bukodi Erzsébet). In Irena Kogan - Clemens Nolke - Michael Gebel (eds.): Making The Transitions. Education and Labour Market Entry in Central and Eastern Europe. Stanford: Stanford University Press. 2011. 189-215.
The Influence of Educational Segregation on Educational Achievement. In Jaap Dronkers (ed.): Quality and Inequality of Education: Cross-National Perspectives. Springer. 2010. 13-40.
Social origin, school choice, and student performance. Educational Research and Evaluation 2010/2. 107-129.
Stratification and Social Mobility. In Stefan Immerfall and Göran Therborn (eds.): Handbook of European Societies. Springer. 2009. 493-530.
Views about a just wage compensation: comparing temporal changes in ex-communist and never-communist countries. In MAx Haller - Roger Jowell - Tom W. Smith (eds.): The International Social Survey Programme 1984-2009. Charting the Globe. London - New York: Routledge. 2009. 72-90.

Research Projects

Political Behaviour of Generations: socialisation, attitudes and participation

European Social Survey