Andrea Szabó

Andrea Szabó
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (MTA TK PTI)
Research Interests

Political protests, political sociology, voting behaviour, civil society, social integration processes

Selected Publications

Albert Fruzsina – Dávid Beáta – Kmetty Zoltán – Kristóf Luca – Róbert Péter – Szabó Andrea: Mapping the Post-communist Class Structure: Findings from a New Multidimensional Hungarian Class Survey. EAST EUROPEAN POLITICS AND SOCIETIES XX:(X) pp. 1-22. (2018)

Szabó Andrea – Oross Dániel: Factors of Political Interest – the Internal and External Politiical Efficacy in Different Regions of Europe. CLOVEK A SPOLOCNOST (ISSN: 1335-3608) (eISSN: 1335-3608) 20: (4) pp. 12-26. (2017) .

Szabó Andrea, Oross Dániel: Cohort-generations and the cumulative effects of life-events on political integration in Hungary. WORLD POLITICAL SCIENCE 13:(2) pp. 221-245. (2017) Link(ek): REAL, DOI

Oross Dániel, Szabó Andrea: Changing Tendencies of Youth Political Participation in Europe: Evidence from Four Different Cases. In: Michael J Breen (szerk.): Values and Identities in Europe: Evidence from the European Social Survey. 340 p. Abingdon: Routledge, 2017. pp. 160-183. (Routledge Advances in Sociology; 202.) (ISBN:978-1-13-822666-1)

Róbert Péter, Oross Dániel, Szabó Andrea: Youth, Precarious Employment and Political Participation in Hungary. INTERSECTIONS: EAST EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SOCIETY AND POLITICS 3:(1) pp. 120-146. (2017). Link(ek): Egyéb URL, DOI

Szabó Andrea – Mikecz Dániel: After the Orbán-revolution: the awakening of civil society in Hungary? In: Geoffrey Pleyers, Ionel N Sava (szerk.): Social Movements in Central and Eastern Europe: A renewal of protests and democracy. Bucarest: Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti, 2015. pp. 34–43.

Szabó Andrea – Oross Dániel: Students' relationship to democracy. In: Szabó Andrea (ed.): Political Orientations, Values and Activities of Hungarian University and College Students. 82 p. Prague: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, 2013. pp. 9–20.

Szabó Andrea – Oross Dániel: Political participation amog hungarian youth. In: Szabó Andrea (ed.): Political Orientations, Values and Activities of Hungarian University and College Students. 82 p. Prague:Heinrich Böll Stiftung, 2013. pp. 31–48

László Laki – Andrea Szabó: The Hungarian world according to the young...In: Bódi Ferenc, Fábián Gergely, Lawson R. Thomas: Local Organization of Social Services in Hungary: Crises, Reactions, Changes. 476 p. Bremen: Europäischer Hochschulverlag GmbH, 2012. pp. 337–357. (Studies in comparative social pedagogies and international social work and social policy; 22.)

Research Projects
  • NKFI 119603 research: Participation, Representation, Partisanship. Hungarian Election Study 2018
  • OTKA K 108836 research: Integration and disintegration processes in the Hungarian society
  • OTKA PD 105100 Radicalism, postmaterialism, apathy
  • Hungarian Youth Research, 2016
  • Youth 2000–2004–2008 survey
  • Political protests in Hungary
  • ESS Hungary
  • BBC stratification research