András Tóth

András Tóth
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (MTA TK PTI)
Research Interests

Industrial relations, labour market, democracy and radicalism

Selected Publications

P Marginson, G Meardi, A Toth, M. Stanojevic, M. Frybes and M Fichter: The Complexity of Relocation and the Diversity of Union Responses; European Journal of Industrial Relations, 15 27-47 (2009),

G Meardi, P Marginson, A Toth, M. Stanojevic, M. Frybes and M Fichter: Varieties of multinationals; Industrial Relations, 48 (2009),

Neumann, L- Tóth, A.  Crisis of the Post-transition Hungarian Model  European Employment Models in Flux, A Comparison of Institutional Change in Nine European Countries.  Edited by Bosch, G.- Lehndorff, S. – Rubery, J., Palgrave  Macmillan, 2009. 

Tóth András- Neumann László, The Automotive Industry, in.: The Labour Impact of Globalization int he Automotive Industry, eds.: Paulo Caputo and Elisabetta Della Corte, Quaderni Della Fondazione G. Brodolini, 45., Roma 2008, p. 217-302.

Research Projects

• FP7 WALQUING - Work and Life Quality in New and Growing Jobs
• The Hungarian correspondent of European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO)