Speaker series


5-6 December - The 5th Conference for Doctoral Students of Political Science

28th November - Jasper Paul Simons (European University Institute): "FDI-led development and post-crisis diversity in the political economies of the Visegráds"

17th October - Florian Weiler (University of Basel): A heated debate: must the rich help the poor adapt to climate change?

19th September - Nuno Morgado (Charles University in Prague): Bolsonaro’s discourse and political program: what to expect from the new Brazilian administration?

3rd September - Dr. István Stumpf (Institute for Social Sciences): The dethronement of the invisible constitution? The dynamics of the relationship between the Hungarian Parliament and the Constitutional Court

6-8 June - 12th annual CAP Conference

6th June -  Stefaan A. J. Walgrave (University of Antwerp): How accurate are politicians’ perceptions of what the citizens want?

7th May -  Andres Moles (Central European University): "The morality of private discrimination"

25th April - Jennifer McCoy (Georgia State University): "Pernicious Polarization"

16th April - Alexander Baturo (Dublin City University): "The New Kremlinology: What Text Mining and Latent-Variable Approches Can Tell Us about the Russian Political Regime and Leadership.” 

21st January - Rosario Aguilar (CIDE, Mexico) : Emotions as Moderators of Support for Populism: An Experimental Approach


6th November - Ov Cristian Norocel (Université Libre de Bruxelles): "Antifeminist and 'Truly Liberated': Conservative Performances of Gender by Women Politicians in Hungary and Romania"

27th September - Hanna Wass (University of Helsinki): "Parents of the voter: the role of family background in turnout"

12th April - Gianvittorio Caprara (Sapienza University of Rome): "Personal Determinants of Political Divide"


16th November - Umut Korkut (Glasgow, Caledonian University) and Itir Erhart (Istanbul, Bilgi Univeristy): "Aesthetics of Protest"

26th October - Paula Beger (University Leipzig): "Between state’s sovereignty and European integration. The Asylum and Refugee Policy of the Visegrád States."

26th September - Frank Baumgartner (Chapel Hill University of North Carolina): "The Comparative Agendas Project: Building a Community of Scholars Assessing Links between Politics and Policy"

15th June - Daniela Koller (Universität Bern): "Relationship between Political Knowledge, Political Participation, and Gender in Switzerland"

25th May - Gisela Sin (University of Illinois) "Intra Party Competition in Preferential PR Systems"

6th April - Rosario Aguilar (CIDE, Mexico): "Explaining Support for Authoritarian and Populist Alternatives in Electoral Democracies"

16th February - Zoltán Balázs (Hungarian Academy of Sciences): "The Principle of the Separation of Powers. A Defense."