The Cold War History Research Center

The Cold War History Research Center

Special Report 1998 – 2018

Twenty years in numbers

The Cold War History Research Center was established in December 1998, as the first scholarly institution founded as a non-profit organization in East Central Europe. The Center is specialized in historical research in the Cold War era, focusing on the former Soviet Bloc. From the outset the Center has been contributing to the flourishing of the "new Cold War history" aimed at transforming the previous one-sided approach based primarily on Western sources, finally into a really international discipline through the systematic exploration of the once top secret documents found in the archives in the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries.

The Center’s English language website (, providing a great number of articles, documents, chronologies, bibliographies and finding aids is the only such institution in the former Soviet Bloc and now it is an indispensable resource for international scholars and students interested in the history of the Cold War, Communism, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Bloc. (In Google the Center appears on page 4 by searching for “Cold War history” from 500 million hits.) Since 2009 the Center has been affiliated with the Institute of International Studies at Corvinus University of Budapest, and beginning in 2017, also with the Centre for Social Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

1. Publications

In these twenty years of existence, the Center has produced 118 publications from articles to books, as well as an extensive database of the most important facts and sources of the Cold War. One of the Center's main projects has been the creation of an extensive English language online Cold War history chronology on East-Central Europe: "The history of the Soviet Bloc, 1945–1991” (Parts 1–5) which was completed in 2017 with the magnitude of 2 301 pages.  In 2017, the Center published a 575-page volume, the “Bibliography of New Cold War History”, collecting literature on the topic published after 1989 and an edited volume of 29 articles entitled “Students on the Cold War, new findings and interpretations”. 

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2. International student conferences

Since 2010, the Center has also organized an annual two-day English language international student conference on the history of the Cold War, with the participation of BA, MA and PhD students from all over the world and from renowned universities such as Columbia, American University, Westpoint Military Academy, Hong Kong, Humboldt, CEU, UCL, and the King’s College of London.

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3. International internship program

The internship project of the Center started in 2009. So far the internationally renowned research activity of the Center has attracted 222 interns from Western and Eastern Europe – mostly in the framework of the Erasmus program –, the United States (23), China, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece; altogether from 38 countries. In 2017 the Center also became an official internship partner of Oxford University.

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